How to Check if a website is paying Google for Ads and the like

If your cookies are ‘active’ and maybe you are also using Chrome like me, you surely already experienced this funny show:

” 1. You go to a website, let’s say SAS ( Business Analytics ), because you may be interested in applying for some open job positions.

2. Thereafter you will see SAS adverts every time you watch a video on Youtube ranging from Nirvana’sCome as you are‘ to ‘Italian Politics are funny’ for the following month or two.

3. The End ”

Yes, it is supposed to be marketing even if you are likely a never-to-be-customer for SAS and moreover when you watch a music video on youtube at 11pm is one of the only times you want to chill out.

Yes, mobile marketing has still huge space to grow, improve, integrate with search etc.

Post-it for VEVO and YouTube :  when I listen to Nirvana ‘‘ at 11pm, please show me an advert of Marlboro instead. It might be illegal, but at least it is coherent with my ‘media consumption’ habits and tastes.

puff puff


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