Google threats against Groupon day by day

Since Groupon refused to be acquired by Google, so-called BigG is still playing its chess match in the ‘Coupon arena’ by strategic moves.
Firstly it rolled out its own offers in a few cities like NYC, Boston, San Francisco, Washington DC and Portland.

Then it acquired the Deal Map, a nice aggregator of deals and coupon which locates on the world map all those deals currently available.

Finally a couple of moves happened very close one to another. Few days ago Google acquired the Berlin-based Daily Deals, the Groupon copycat operating in Germany Switzerland and Austria. Curiously, at almost the same time the Chicago Tribune newspaper reports that Marco Georgiadis resigned as chief operating officer at Groupon Inc.and he will return to his former employer: Google again.

I don’t know if, from the legal standpoint,  Mr Georgiadis can operate in Google as President of Americas without falling in grey situations in which he could play an unfair competition against his former employer Groupon. Whatever we might think, it is sure that Google will have a great pawn to play harder its chess match.


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