Great Commercials

I really like web marketing, all those graphs and figures you can get from Google Analytics, nerdy web tracking tricks and whatsoever.

However sometimes you just see them, you are captured and you are so focused that you feel you are what you are watching. You get emotionated and you dream about what we are capable of, what is our innate human power. Our soul

In the end they also provide us just a THING, something you always thought you can just get rid of or simply you don’t care about. They put all those stuff on an imaginary and persuasive shelf. they try to make that shine, and they achieve it. You are doubtful and disenchanted…..people call them commercials, advertisements, adverts. Or just  ‘ad’.

this is one

this is another

There are thousands of them on paper, on digital media, radio and TVs. People look at them. They may be considered even on people’s lips sometimes. Like these two examples might be on my lips right now.

When this happen, it means you hate them, or you are grateful to them because they inspired you.