Which is the best resource for business-related information?

What’s the answer to this very broad question in a very Quora style?

You might think to the Financial Times. no, it’s too financial. Most of their news are focused on big corporations economic performances and financial indexes on the economy. Moreover in these last months half of they are forced to talk about credit rating agencies, toxic sub-prime mortgages followed by toxic sovereign debts, financial crisis and double dip recession. Not to mention the typical necessity of political deep scrutiny for all government who are in difficult financial timeS.

You can also go to the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg or The Economist and all articles will seem pretty the same.

Put apart the very financial sphere, which newspaper can well inform you on your specific sector such as the “internet economy”. Okey, it is very broad and you can read lots of magazines ranging from the so popular Wired, passing through Mashable and Fast Company, landing to more geek stuff like Engadget and TechCrunch. You are not satisfied? you’ll find thousands of blogs talking, chatting and expatiate on techky corporation leaks.

No, no, no. Let’s say you are a going-to-graduate economy student and then you want to read economic analysis and researches but with a very structural approach? You have all major consulting corporation writing a blog like BCG Perspectives, Nielsen Wire and McKinsey Quarterly.
mmmm, maybe, but what about something more academic? maybe to help me out writing a class presentation or finding data on my thesis? You already know: Harvard Business Review blog, MIT Sloan and some other top biz school have what you want.

For the rest of people interested in a particular industry sector, let’s retail, what can they read to be up-dated? Likely you have many specialized country-based magazines plus one or two well-known brand like RetailWeek. In addition there will be many blogs out there close to your sphere of interest.

But you cannot read them all every morning, just before going to work or during your lunch break on your mobile phone.
You can’t either review all listed news collected by RSS feeds. Neither you can scroll down for half an hour your Twitter account, except you ‘classified’ a bunch of relevant sources on a proper list when you decided to follow them.

Okey, this story is going to be too long and annoying.
For me, at the moment, the best filtered-news tool is simply one: LinkedIn Today . You need only to pick up those 2 or 3 industry sectors you are interested in plus, maybe, a mainstream news network like bloomberg in order to have an idea on the financial markets in general during these very turbulent volatile-market times.

I go there, I see a couple of news per sector, and never happened that some big news was out of their radar. Great work guys!

I still wonder if you manage to do this great work simply having an automated system which bring up there in your LinkedIn Today Wall those news which are the most seen and clicked in the other newspaper, or simply you have a group of hungry bloggers who works day and night for you.